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Welcome to Business Network Korea

Where Koreans meet Non-Koreans for business.

Our goal is to create opportunity for Koreans and Non-Koreans to network in a comfortable environment where they can make business contacts.

Come and join us at our next event.

New sponsor making us look smart for business

kslogoIf you are a regular attendee to Business Network Korea you might recall our guest speaker Todd Sample back in June of this year. He gave us a great insight into doing business here in Korea.

Todd is the President of ‘Well Dressed’ which is a tailor shop for both men and women in Seocho-dong. Although ‘Well Dressed’ is a relatively young business it is already thriving and had plenty of media coverage.

Here is some information about ‘Well Dressed’ as worded on their main site;

Our first Expert Panel

Expert-Panel-Business-Network-KoreaAt our most recent Business Network Korea event we had our first Expert Panel with Simon Walsh from Tiwi Trade and Steve Miller also known as the QiRanger and the voice of the popular podcast Asia News Weekly.

After being introduced the Expert Panel got into full swing with Simon and Steve answering some questions including;

Steve Miller the Qiranger is on our Expert Panel

Steve Miller the Qiranger is on our Expert Panel at the next Business Network Korea event on 9th August 2014 at Coex.

Steve began blogging back in 1994 when it probably wasn’t even called blogging. His following has grown a lot since back then and he is now involved in many areas.

Got a question about business in Korea?

If you have an idea for business or running a business and have a question you can have the chance to ask our ‘Expert Panel’ at the next Business Network Korea event on Saturday 09th August 2014.

Our “Expert Panel’ are Sean Blakely and Simon Walsh both very experienced business people in Korea.

Sean Blakeley
Sean came to Korea in 2004 as an English teacher. Prior to coming to Korea he worked as a Project Manager for General Electric’s UK subsidiary before joining a Korean school as a teacher and quickly expanded his role ultimately to one of the company’s directors. Since joining
Intralink, he has worked with a variety of technologies to license and sell into the major Korean conglomerates, particularly in the mobile telecommunications, electronics, cloud computing and biotech space. He has also led projects in areas of investment, mergers and acquisitions. Sean is now Managing Director of their Seoul office.
Sean graduated from The University of Leeds in the UK and after being chosen as a sole recipient of a Korean Government Scholarship in 2009 went on to complete his masters at Seoul National University. He has lived in Korea since 2004 and speaks the language fluently.

Simon Walsh
Simon came to Korea in 2007 as an English teacher. Prior to coming to Korea he worked for a New Zealand University in cropping research. He chose Korea over other Asian countries because of the currency, pay, employment opportunities and because there was a rugby team in Seoul.
During his first year as an English teacher Simon saw gaps in the food and beverage market, he explored the idea of setting up an import company. While coaching women’s rugby at Ehwa Women’s University he met his business partner after establishing they had a similar idea. The company Tiwi was set up in 2008 and started from humble beginnings with small volumes of wine and just two employees.
Now Tiwi employs 10 people and imports a range of F&B products from New Zealand, Australia and Thailand. Simon has been a director of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce for the past 5 years and continues to play for the same rugby team, captaining the team for the past 4 years.

If you haven’t already RSVP at the link below and remember if you pay in advance it’s only 20,000 won or 30,000 cash on the door.

Business Network Korea - Meetup




See you all soon


Hoon’s Pie: A new sponsor for Business Network Korea

20140710_184817Business Network Korea is excited to announce our newest sponsor ‘Hoon’s Pie’  who offer a selection of pies to both the Korean and expat community.

The reputation of the business which had humble beginnings is going from strength to strength especially among the expat community who are becoming an increasing customer base.

Hoon’s Pie will be at our next Business Network Korea event at Coex on Saturday 09th August 2014 offering all attendees the opportunity to sample their pie selection. We strongly suggest that you come along if only for these great pies. :)

Todd Sample guest speaker for 14 June BNK Event

Todd_resizedAs you probably already know our next Business Network Korea event is on Saturday 14 June 2014 at Coex in Seoul.

We are excited to announce our guest speaker for that event: Todd Sample.

Here is a short bio introducing Todd:

“Todd Sample was born and raised in Pennsylvania and came to Korea when he was 22 after graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in art history in 1995. After spending 8 years teaching English at Konkuk University in Seoul, he was hired as the first non-Korean executive consultant at KOTRA, Korea’s national trade and investment promotion agency, where his work focused on devising foreign direct investment promotion related public relations strategies for KOTRA, as well as for other FDI promotion agencies and organizations in Korea.

Yeouido Global Business Center

The Yeouido Global Business Center is based in IFC One Building in Yeouido, Seoul.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has established the Yeouido Global Business Center in the Global Business Zone  in the Yeouido district of Seoul, an area with a high concentration of foreign investing companies and intense activity of foreign businesses.

An infographic about social media with a few surprises


women-use-social-media-more-often-and-in-more-ways-than-men-infographicWe found this great and very informative Infographic about social media that might surprise you.

It reveals that women are more active on most of the major social media sites than men. We have known for a long time that women were more active on Pinterest because of the visual look of the site.

The Infographic that was put together by ‘Ruby Media Corporation’ looks at the use of social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler and Twitter comparing the use of men and women in the US.

You will probably come up with your own reasons for why women are more active on the social media platforms mentioned above, LinkedIn being the exception.

Is it because men are possibly more career oriented and women are more family oriented? This is a very general look at things but could be an avenue for exploration.

What is your opinion?

Click on the infographic to increase size.

Remember to share this with others so they can also use their social media effectively.

Coex is under construction

Hello everyone

You may already know that Coex Mall in Seoul is under construction. This can cause some confusion when coming to the Business Network Korea events.

To help you we have made a guide (visual) that shows you how to get to the Business Network Korea Meetup on Saturday 22 February 2014 at 2pm.

Check out the Business Network Korea Sponsors

Business Network Korea is lucky to have some great sponsors on board.